Development in the practice of kirtan in our personal lives does not depend on becoming musically proficient. In fact, musical ability is not required at all. Simply the act of chanting from the heart yields great results in Bhakti Yoga. Nonetheless, one’s ability to lead others in kirtan can be greatly enhanced by studying the moods and techniques of music and voice.


This Kirtan Training will introduce basic skills for voice, harmonium, kartals and mrdanga (drum). The intention will be to understand the roles of each instrument and how they cooperate to create different moods while chanting. Special focus will also be given to the history of kirtan and the philosophy of Bhakti Yoga, with emphasis on the ancient sanskrit texts of the Bhagavad Gita.


Please send us an email if you are interested in Kirtan Training. Letting us know with an email to that you are interested does not oblige you to sign up for the class. When the class is finalized, we will inform you of the dates and timing. As this is a pilot project, the class size will be small and space will be limited.