• Unity Yoga Teahouse (map)
  • 1672 East 10th Avenue
  • Vancouver, BC, V5N
  • Canada

This is a casual gathering of open-minded souls for call and response chanting, also known as Kirtan. 

The practice of Kirtan, or Mantra Meditation, is a type of yoga in itself and has many of the mind-calming benefits of a yoga class or sitting meditation. For some, the practice has a powerful heart-opening effect and it is best understood through direct experience. 

The instruments used in the Kirtan are traditional - the Harmonium, Mrdanga(drum), and Kartals(hand cymbals). 

Included within the program is a discussion on the meaning of the Mantras that we are chanting, as well as excerpts from the ancient sanskrit text, the Bhagavad-Gita. We learn about the soul, consciousness, karma, meditation, and bhakti yoga – the yoga of devotion. 

Everyone is encouraged to participate to the level they feel comfortable. A delicious vegan dinner is also served in the end! 

This is a non-profit event and all donations will be used for further events. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.