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Ananda Monet coming to EnChant!

This Saturday for Kirtan at EnChant: Mantra Meditation, we are very fortunate to have Ananda Monet presenting with us Join us in bringing 2016 forth with devotional singing and storytelling! "Ananda grew up in a family of musicians in Russia. She studied bhakti yoga and mantra music meditation and has cultivated a taste for the ancient practice of singing sacred Sanskrit mantras, called kirtan.

Having learnt Russian traditional music at college, Ananda discovered a link between Russian and Indian cultural roots, which has influenced her style profoundly. Her singing blends the two traditions in a unique way, bringing together the passionate notes of the Slavic folk and the beauty of the Eastern ragas. She released her debut Russian language album in 2007. Ananda now lives in the UK where she contributes to many mantra music projects and events. Her latest album Inevitable Time was launched in May 2015 at Camden Centre accompanied by Samadhi Dance"


Pictures from the Winter Special

On a rainy Vancouver winter night, about 75 yogis got together at the Karma Teachers Studio to celebrate the sacred through Kirtan and movement.  We all enjoyed a festive meal together cooked with love using cruelty-free ingredients.  This event is annual and for those who missed it this year, stay tuned for the 4th annual one next December!


Enchanted Winter Special!

Kirtan Vancouver is delighted to announce that we are bringing you the third annual Enchanted Winter Special! Join us in celebrating through movement and sound on December 12th and the Karma Teachers studio!

Like a River to the Sea

It has been a fantastic year for new Kirtan albums and this is one of our top picks for the year! Jahnavi Harrison has melted our hearts with her beautiful voice and compilations and we want to share this experience with you :) The brand new album by Jahnavi Harrison is available now! Pick up "Like A River to the Sea" at any of these places: Amazon: iTunes:…/like-a-river-to-the…/id1001241063 MerchNow:

Valentine's Event Photos

Thanks to everyone who came out for our Valentine's Kirtan Celebration!  The show was sold out.  It was full of love and positive energy from everyone who attended and from Shantala. Here are some photos:

Gearing up for our winter special!

Last year was so much fun, we just had to do it again! Kirtan Vancouver presents the second annual Enchanted. Come out and enjoy an evening of spiritual bliss. There will be kirtan (mantra meditation) with Anirudh Kansal and friends, dancing, ecstatic yoga with Emerson Lim, and a live DJ set with Raghunath Khe. There will also be delicious vegetarian food available, as well as books on spirituality. Click for more info

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Upcoming Event: 6 HOUR KIRTAN!

.. KIRTAN VANCOUVER presents .. ::: 6 HOUR KIRTAN :::

.. Saturday August 23rd - 4:00pm - 10:00pm ..

Featuring live kirtan sets and bhajans led by some of the most talented local kirtaniyas in BC, along with a special guest or two from Seattle and maybe even Calgary!

The practice of kirtan/mantra meditation is a process of bhakti (devotional) yoga. The practice has a powerful heart-opening effect which is best understood through direct experience.

Traditional instruments used in the kirtan are harmonium, mrdanga(drum), and kartals(hand cymbals).

:: Tickets ::

$15 - advance $20 - at the door

Advance tickets can be purchased online at

Bring a bit of extra cash as there will be a variety of delicious vegetarian treats for sale, along with a limited supply of Kirtan Vancouver t-shirts and books on Bhakti Yoga.

We hope you're all able to join us for a blissful evening of mantra meditation, friendly souls and delicious vegetarian eats!

Kirtan Vancouver Events Society (Kirtan Vancouver; KVan) is a non-profit, grass-roots organization dedicated to making Vancouverites more aware of how small steps such as yoga, breathing, and chanting can bring about large and positive changes in health and wellness. We support other like minded NGO's to support our goal of giving back.


Thanks for visiting us at the Krishna Das event last Friday! We look forward to seeing you at another one of our upcoming events soon... maybe at EnChant! Come chant with us @ Unity Yoga - 6PM this coming Saturday!

#LakshmiDevi & #KirtanVancouver at our #Free #Yoga and #Kirtan festival!

GetAttachment Excited to share that Lakshmi Devi is joining the KirtanVancovuer's lineup of amazing artists, August 10th 2013 at our FREE outdoor yoga and Kirtan Festival!

Lakshmi is an inspired and ecstatic multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and kirtan leader. Since 1999 she has been performing her original world music across the United States and Internationally, including Bali, Thailand, and Hawaii.

Lakshmi is a world influenced vocalist of many styles including Indian, Qawwali, Folk, Balinese Gamelan, and Gospel. She also plays Harmonium, rhythm guitar and hand percussion. Her Bachelor of Arts degree in Ethnomusicology lends itself to her music’s world influence.  Her music is best understood by its spontaneous aspect and her current immersion in the tradition of Indian chanting called “Kirtan” is a great platform for the spontaneous aspect to be expressed. Her English lyrics describe the raw depths and soaring heights of a spirit’s journey through a human life.

Join us in welcoming Lakshmi Devi!

#NASIMO, #Graffiti, #KirtanVancouver!

DSC_45524-20111114143844-540x689 Hold the phone! No, spray can! World acclaimed graffiti artist NASIMO flew in from Bulgaria and created the most spectacular backdrop for KVan, North America’s largest FREE outdoor yoga and Kirtan Festival. NASIMO’s work spans many variations – from the sublime to the childlike and back again. We will post glimpses of his masterpiece over the next weeks – for now, check out NASIMO’s website and see what we are so excited about!

#Trudeau & #Yoga on the Hill

Today's Globe and Mail shows Justin #Trudeau doing yoga on #Parliament hill. I wonder if he knows there will be #FREE #yoga at 2nd Beach Stanley Park on August 10th 2013? Somebody should tell him.

Season of Giving in June = FREE GIVEAWAY!

563207_550231371677151_1297771762_n Season of Giving in June? Why not! #Kirtan Vancouver has teamed up with our favorite people and will be giving away #FREE items EVERY week on Wednesday until our big event on August 10th 2013!  The giving starts THIS Wednesday, so be ready to receive :)

Call and Response Foundation

What a great mission statement.  The Call and Response Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation that has a goal of promoting peace and harmony by sharing the chanting experience with 1million people by 2020.  Their efforts include live events, community outreach projects, and support to artists.  Take a look at what they are all about at How do you promote peace and harmony?

Note: Kirtan Vancouver is not affiliated with this project. This post is meant to inform of other organisations that share the goal of promoting the benefits of Kirtan and yoga.

An Article on Kirtan - Interesting

drums 3 Flipping through the pages of the internet, I just came across a great article on Kirtan in Psychology Tomorrow magazine - At the intersection of art and psychology, by The Rev. James Reho Ph.D..

The article talks about the meaning of Kirtan, it’s timeline in history, the science behind the sounds and instruments, and a unique look at the comparisons between other meditative dialogues.

As Kirtan mainstreams, there will be more and more opportunities to participate and practice in the meditative state that the call and response form of yoga invokes. I can’t help but smile and rejoice “Halleluiah”, or should I say, “Hari bol” to that!

Musical Impressions

Did you know that the music we listen to leaves an impression on our mind and consciousness?  Here's a video of Sacinandana Swami speaking about the impression Kirtan leaves on us.


An Evening at Enchant

IMG_0105_1IMG_0099 For the last two years, Enchant has been taking place every other Saturday at Unity Yoga. What started as a small group of people coming together to experience kirtan, spiritual discussion, and vegetarian food, has now become a gathering place for the spiritually inclined to connect in Vancouver. Guests simultaneously experience calmness from mantra meditation and building energy from the sound vibrations. This week's gathering was no exception. About 40 people ranging in age from babies to grandparents came together to chant and learn. There was a nice blend of regular attendees and those new to the kirtan world. For people unfamiliar with the mantras, sheets with words are provided to allow for maximum participation.

This Saturday, we were lucky enough to have Mahat Tattva das, who has been a monk for the last 17 years, share his insight and lead some kirtan. The discussion was thought-provoking, and the kirtan lively. Enchant is a great place to check out some up and comers in the kirtan world as the melodies are often led by young adults eager to share their music. The night ended off as it always does…with plates full of vegetarian food! It was fun having the chance to meet new people, especially while eating samosas, salads, rice dishes and cookies! Make sure to check them out on meetup at:

Real Kirtan

h003Real Kirtan By Sacinandana Swami

Kirtan is ultimately something which cannot be explained by words - it has to be experienced. It‘s always a higher connection - even if you are not consciously feeling it. It‘s alive, progressive, and rich with the fine nuances of an unfolding relationship.

Sometimes it may act as a mirror which reveals the pulse of your inner life ... How can you describe the relish of honey, the emotion of love, or the event of giving birth? In some mysterious way, kirtan can be compared with all of that - but then it is also completely different.

Words can show us the direction in which to look for the kirtan-experience, but only when you sit down, move towards your inner space, and then sing out, will you start to know what kirtan really is. Because at that time your soul will rise up and start to dance ...