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An Evening at Enchant

IMG_0105_1IMG_0099 For the last two years, Enchant has been taking place every other Saturday at Unity Yoga. What started as a small group of people coming together to experience kirtan, spiritual discussion, and vegetarian food, has now become a gathering place for the spiritually inclined to connect in Vancouver. Guests simultaneously experience calmness from mantra meditation and building energy from the sound vibrations. This week's gathering was no exception. About 40 people ranging in age from babies to grandparents came together to chant and learn. There was a nice blend of regular attendees and those new to the kirtan world. For people unfamiliar with the mantras, sheets with words are provided to allow for maximum participation.

This Saturday, we were lucky enough to have Mahat Tattva das, who has been a monk for the last 17 years, share his insight and lead some kirtan. The discussion was thought-provoking, and the kirtan lively. Enchant is a great place to check out some up and comers in the kirtan world as the melodies are often led by young adults eager to share their music. The night ended off as it always does…with plates full of vegetarian food! It was fun having the chance to meet new people, especially while eating samosas, salads, rice dishes and cookies! Make sure to check them out on meetup at: