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Ananda Monet coming to EnChant!

This Saturday for Kirtan at EnChant: Mantra Meditation, we are very fortunate to have Ananda Monet presenting with us Join us in bringing 2016 forth with devotional singing and storytelling! "Ananda grew up in a family of musicians in Russia. She studied bhakti yoga and mantra music meditation and has cultivated a taste for the ancient practice of singing sacred Sanskrit mantras, called kirtan.

Having learnt Russian traditional music at college, Ananda discovered a link between Russian and Indian cultural roots, which has influenced her style profoundly. Her singing blends the two traditions in a unique way, bringing together the passionate notes of the Slavic folk and the beauty of the Eastern ragas. She released her debut Russian language album in 2007. Ananda now lives in the UK where she contributes to many mantra music projects and events. Her latest album Inevitable Time was launched in May 2015 at Camden Centre accompanied by Samadhi Dance"


Pictures from the Winter Special

On a rainy Vancouver winter night, about 75 yogis got together at the Karma Teachers Studio to celebrate the sacred through Kirtan and movement.  We all enjoyed a festive meal together cooked with love using cruelty-free ingredients.  This event is annual and for those who missed it this year, stay tuned for the 4th annual one next December!


Enchanted Winter Special!

Kirtan Vancouver is delighted to announce that we are bringing you the third annual Enchanted Winter Special! Join us in celebrating through movement and sound on December 12th and the Karma Teachers studio!

Veg Fest 2015

In the thick of the heat today, Vancouver was full of beautiful events and we were honoured to take part at one of the best ones! We would like to express our appreciation to Sandra McPeake for arranging such a wonderful event and inviting us to participate. Thank you Carson Au for taking such great photos!

Love & Beyond 2015

On July 11, 2015, we had an amazing time volunteering at Oppenheimer Park in the Downtown east side. We helped to cook for and serve out 1500 plates of food. We were able to offer haircuts, massages, children's activities for the community which consists of men and women who are struggling with addictions and many don't have homes. It was such a gift to see the smiling faces and we felt like we should share that with all of you! Special thanks to Carson Au for the pictures

Valentine's Event Photos

Thanks to everyone who came out for our Valentine's Kirtan Celebration!  The show was sold out.  It was full of love and positive energy from everyone who attended and from Shantala. Here are some photos: